Did Arthur Miller Tell His Daughter She Was Named After Marilyn Monroe?

Arthur Miller and Rebecca Miller
Arthur Miller and his daughter Rebecca

In 1956 Marilyn Monroe Married Arthur Miller

Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller wedding photo

Prior to becoming Mrs Miller, Marilyn converted to the Jewish faith

Shortly before marrying Arthur Miller, Marilyn Monroe made the decision to convert to the Jewish faith. Many people believe it was just a gesture on her part but becoming part of a family meant a lot to Marilyn and she gave the conversion process a substantial amount of consideration. Part of that process was picking a Hebrew name.

Marilyn Monroe converted to Judism

Marilyn was eager to have children and start a family of her very own. When it became time to pick a Jewish name her first thoughts were of the original mother, Eve. In Hebrew, the pronunciation of Eve sounds like Havah. She didn’t like how it sounded. Then, when she thought about the fates of Eve’s children she decided against it. While going over a list of names she came upon the name Rebekah (Rebecca). She flashed back to a trip she had made in her modeling days with Andre de Dienes to visit her mother. She had meet a relative on that trip who was pregnant at the time. Since becoming pregnant was one of her greatest wishes she felt that was the perfect name to pick. She was supposed to keep her choice secret but Marilyn wasn’t one to be told what to do. She told her choice to Arthur. In Marilyn’s last year Arthur Miller had remarried and the month after her death, he and his wife welcomed their daughter into the world. Did he ever tell his daughter who she was named after? Rebecca Miller could be a witness to this revelation. Did Arthur ever tell her? Would she admit it even if he had? She may have been told she was named after a family member. The truth is she was named after Marilyn Monroe.

More about Marilyn Monroe's conversion to the Jewish faith

According to The Jewish Times of Brookline, Massachusetts:

Marilyn converted in June of 1956, flanked by Rabbi Robert Goldberg, Miller, and his family. She even got a musical menorah that played Hatikvah as a gift.

“Is it of your own free will that you seek admittance into the Jewish fold?” the rabbi asked.
“Yes”, Marilyn said.

“Do you renounce your former faith?”
She had had none so she renounced her lack of faith. “Yes”.
“Do you pledge you loyalty to Judaism? Do you promise to cast in your lot with the people of Israel amid all circumstances?”
It is good, she remembered, to suffer — if you share with others … “Yes.”
“Do you promise to lead a Jewish life?”
She thought of her new family, holding each other close in a bond of love. “Yes.”
“Should you be blessed with children do you agree to rear your children according to the Jewish faith?”
Her children, who would forever know who they were, who would have an answer to their questions. “Oh, yes,” she said.
The Rabbi smiled at her. “Repeat after me,” he said, and together they spoke the ancient words of the convert.
“I do herewith declare in the presence of God and the witnesses here assembled that I … seek the fellowship of Israel.
“I believe that God is one Almighty, Allwise, Most Holy …
The Rabbi took her hand and gave her solemnly a name chosen from the Bible — a name which she keeps entirely to herself. “With this name as token you are now a member of the household of Israel and have assumed all its rights, privileges and responsibilities.” His hand was on her head.

On June 29th, 1956 she married Arthur Miller. On July 1st, 1956 they had another, Jewish, wedding ceremony.

Source: amuseum.org


Every man has a name
Given him by God
And given by his father and his mother
Every man has a name
Given him by his stature and his way of smiling,
And given him by his clothes…
Every man has a name
Given him by his sins
And given him by his longing
Every man has a name given him by those who hate him
And given him by his love…
Every man has a name
Given him by the seasons of the year
And given him by his blindness
Every man has a name
Given him by the sea
And given him by his death.
– Zelda, a Hebrew poet (1914-1984)

One of the special privileges and responsibilities of becoming a convert to Judaism is that you get to select a Hebrew name for yourself.

Source: intro.aju.edu

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