Revelations: Marilyn Monroe
"Tell the world the truth about my death"

For the first four decades of my life the mystery surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe meant very little to me. I was a collector of Marilyn items but I wasn’t really a fan. I had never even watched a whole Marilyn movie from beginning to end. What attracted me to start collecting Monroe was her image. I loved the photos. I was always captivated by her face. Her smile, the twinkle in her eye, somehow made the pictures come alive. What the photos revealed was a beautiful, kind, sensitive, and caring soul.

I collected books about MM, but I rarely read them. Her story was so sad and tragic it seemed incongruous to her photos. I always felt that it really didn’t matter how many books you read about her, if you didn’t know her from just looking at her image, you never would.

In 2002 I was running a Marilyn Monroe website and selling MM memorabilia on ebay. I joined many MM fan clubs to promote the site. Discussions in these clubs often turned to heated debates over the manner in which she died. I once suggested in one forum that if fans got together, then compiled and examined the evidence, they could, with reasonable certainty, figure out what happened. I must have not been the only one with this idea, because that’s what one group of fans actually did. I did not participate in the group because precisely at that time my world was being turned upside down.

You may think being visited by the spirit of Marilyn Monroe would be exciting. For me it was deeply disturbing. First of all it upset my world view. Logically I did not think it was possible, which made me question my sanity. It was all so difficult to wrap my head around. She wanted me to tell the world the truth about how she died. But the story she was telling me was so horrific I had to turn away. The final two revelations will disclose what I was so reluctant back then to believe. I’m ready now, but in 2002 I was not. I shut down the site. I boxed the books and collectibles, and for over a decade I did everything possible to forget what happened. The spirit of MM patiently waited for me to come to grips with the information she had given me. In 2013 I was finally ready and she was back. I started to do the research to find out if what she told me could possibly be true, often guided in the research by her directing hand.

There’s is no happy ending when exploring the death of Marilyn Monroe. This tale is especially tragic. It’s meant for people who earnestly want to know the truth regarding Monroe’s death. But any search for the truth should come with a warning – “You may not like what you find.” Many fans are comfortable not knowing exactly what happened and for those fans I recommend you just disregard this and consider it a work of fiction. Since I don’t expect anyone to ever believe I had contact with the spirit of Marilyn I’m actually presenting this entire “Expo” as truthful fiction.

But my goal is to make you believe it’s true. So, to that end, when the spirit of MM visited a second time I asked she provide some proofs. Things nobody else could know, or things that could be verified by someone still alive. The next four revelations are the proofs she provided.

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