Marilyn Monroe Research Expo Inauguration

Marilyn Monroe Research Expo

Marilyn Monroe Research Expo

Today’s date is May 19, 2018. On this date in history Marilyn Monroe sang Happy Birthday to President John F. Kennedy.

So I thought it fitting to have the first post on this website feature images of that pivotal, historic event. The image above is based on Leroy Neiman’s famous artwork commemorating the occasion. It’s said the after-the-gala party produced the only photo of Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy together.

You know the one, it's reproduced everywhere...

Robert Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy

When people want to create the impression of a more intimate discussion they crop the photo to make it look like this…

Oh yeah, and about that claim it's the only photo with both Marilyn and JFK, that's not entirely true, there is this one...

Marilyn Monroe, Madison Square Garden, John F. Kennedy Birhtday

It’s this photo that’s likely the inspiration for Neiman’s painting. 

Also interesting about this pic is that it shows both Robert K. Kennedy and his wife Ethel Kennedy. They both seem to be enjoying themselves. There’s also no hint from their expressions that there was any scandalous sub-text in Marilyn performing for the Prez.

While this event would ignite gossip about a possible MM/JFK affair, it’s likely the brief flirtation Marilyn had with Jack Kennedy was over by this time. By this time Jackie had all ready made it clear that JFK had to end it with Marilyn or she would divorce him before the next election.

So, what's a Marilyn Monroe Research Expo?

Well it’s nothing like I planned it to be. I wanted to build a site online that exposed all the lies and misinformation surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe. What it’s going to be in the beginning is an information dump. After years of investigating Monroe’s death I feel I have a significant amount of information to share on the subject. It’s an enormously complex subject and the early posts on this site will be laying the groundwork for a more structured site in the future.