June 27, 1962 Robert F. Kennedy Visits the Home of Marilyn Monroe

Robert Kennedy in LA June 27, 1962
RFK's itinerary from the FBI files

There’s an abundance of evidence that Robert F. Kennedy was not only in Los Angeles at the end of June in 1962 but that he also visited Marilyn Monroe at her home during that trip. Yet many people deny that he was ever there. A well known Marilyn fan site even try’s to offer proof he wasn’t there. Why is this so? I can only speculate that it’s to cast doubt on the conspiracy theorists accusations that Monroe and RFK were having an affair that summer. I would also contend that there was no affair between the two but I feel this denial of the truth obscures what was happening that summer. It’s very frustrating for people who genuinely want to get to the truth about Marilyn’s last months that people in the mainstream media still believe the stories made up by obvious frauds like Robert Slatzer and Jeanne Carman. We shouldn’t let that frustration be a reason to deny that there was something going on between RFK and MM. Understanding Marilyn’s relationship to Bobby Kennedy is key to unraveling the mystery that surrounds Monroe’s death. Ralph Roberts, Susan Strasberg and Shirley MacLaine have all left us clues as to what that relationship was all about, and it all had to do with RFK’s antitrust case against MCA. This is the major missing piece as to what was happening behind the scenes during the summer of ‘62 and it has remained hidden for more than half a century.

In this post we will examine the evidence that Bobby was in LA on June 27. The above photo, a screen grab from the FBI website which clearly reveals Kennedy’s itinerary for the days in question, should remove any doubt that RFK was in LA from the evening of June 26 until the morning of June 28.

The image below, also from the FBI website is an internal FBI memo that outlines RFK’s travel plans for this trip. The memo is from Courtney Evans, the liaison between RFK and the head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover. Evans often traveled with Bobby and went on record stating that LA was the only place that Kennedy went off on his own. Apparently he was a believer in the RFK/MM affair because he said that when Bobby would disappear in LA he assumed it was to see Marilyn.

Robert Kennedy travels to LA in June 1962

In addition to the above evidence that RFK was in LA at this time we have confirmation from housekeeper Eunice Murray that Bobby paid a visit to Marilyn’s home at this time. There’s also a Los Angeles newspaper that places Bobby in LA on the 27th. The main purpose I have in confirming this trip by RFK to LA is because it sheds light on the Jean Kennedy Smith letter to Marilyn Monroe. In that letter Smith jokingly suggests that Marilyn accompany Bobby when he “comes back east.” The timing of this letter has always been in doubt but becomes clearer when we examine this trip. He worked his way west across the country, arrived in LA, then worked his way east back to DC. This is what Smith refers to as “comes back east.”

For info on this visit of Robert Kennedy to the home of  Marilyn Monroe please see the post about the Jean Kennedy Smith letter to Marilyn Monroe.

Before I close this post there is one more thing that is noteworthy about this LA trip. In a list on the official Justice Department website that details all of RFK’s speeches while he was attorney general they completely ignore his speaking engagements during this trip except for the last one in Virginia. If you don’t believe there was an official cover-up of RFK’s involvement with Marilyn Monroe this becomes difficult to explain.

Robert F Kennedy speeches